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Vargas Cespitularia Coral Care

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Vargas Cespitularia coral

The Vargas Cespitularia is a soft coral that was released by ORA (Oceans, Reefs, and Aquariums.) ORA is an aquaculture farm located in Florida. A lot of brick and mortar stores as well as online coral vendors sell ORA corals.

This variety is different from the Blue Cespitularia in coloration and health. Normally, this species of soft coral can grow fast and thrive in most home reef tanks. But, they do sometimes fade away for no reason. The Vargas variety is hardier and will do better in reef tanks. So, this variety is less likely to fade away and melt for no apparent reason.

As more and more coral farms have gotten hold of this coral, it has become easier to obtain.

This is a beginner friendly soft coral, and it requires no special care.

Coral Identification

  • Family: Xeniidae
  • Genus: Cepitularia
  • Color: Purple or Indigo with Cream to Gold Polyps


Vargas Cespitularia

The stalks of the Vargas Cespitularia are a purple to Indigo color. It has a similar appearance under both blue and white lights. The polyps can appear tan, cream, or even gold depending on your tank conditions and lighting.

This coral will grow similar to a tree. It will sprout a new branch with a single polyp on it. As that branch gets bigger and longer, it may sprout more. The colony will also spread by sending out a stolon or a “runner” that will grow a new stalk.

This is a fast growing coral, and it seems to grow faster by getting bigger. It does not grow like a weed like Pulsing Xenia or Green Star Polyps. This is a fantastic coral for a beginner. It is also great for collectors because this is not a widely popular coral, and you cannot find it everywhere. You may be able to get Zoas, leather corals, and mushrooms at almost an coral vendor, but not everyone carries this variety.

Care For Vargus Cespitularia

Cepitularia corals are great for reef tanks because they are easy to care for.

  • Lighting: These corals can tolerate a wide range of PAR. They will do well in low light or high light. You can almost place them anywhere in your tank, and they will thrive.
  • Flow: Flow should be medium to high. This will also help you enjoy them more in your tank. They have long stalks and will sway back and forth. This movement provides something to look at in your aquarium.
  • Water Parameters: There are no unusual parameters for these corals. The standard salinity, pH, alkalinity, etc. are the same for this species as others you have in your aquarium.


Cespitularia can be placed anywhere in your tank. They will need room to grow because they are fast growers. They are soft and wispy, so flow will be important. Too much flow will cause them to bend over, and they will not look their best.

I have placed mine at the bottom of my reef tank on a small rock. It gets low PAR and light to moderate flow. It is my fastest growing coral in my tank. (Your mileage may vary.)


These corals will tolerate low to moderate light which makes them great for all levels of experience. If you have a tank with not the best lights, these will still thrive and grow.

Any type of reef lighting will work. My Cespitularia is getting 50-70 PAR, and it is growing fast.

Water Parameters

This soft coral has no unique requirements. It will do well in a normal saltwater aquarium environment. This variety is more hardy than other Cespitularia, so some mild swings in parameters will be tolerated.

  • Salinity: 1.025
  • Temperature: 72-78 Fahrenheit
  • Alkalinity: 8-12 dKH
  • pH: 8.1-8.4

Cespitularia Growth Rate

Cespitularia, including the ORA Vargus, grow fast. These soft corals will create new branches from the main stalk. As those branches get bigger, then they will sprout more polyps. This coral can also send a runner from the main colony. This will grow a whole new main branch which you can keep or frag. These are one of the fastest growing soft corals for reef tanks.


The Vargus Cespitularia by ORA is a fantastic soft coral, and it is one of my favorites in my reef tank.

If you want to read a full Xeniid Report for ORA, it is available at ORA’s website.


My name is James, and I am the founder of Saltwatercoraltank. I love everything about the ocean, and my main hobby is saltwater aquariums. Currently, I have 3 tanks that I maintain. I have a 130 gallon mixed as my main, and I prefer softies.

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