SaltwaterCoralTank is your ultimate resource for everything related to saltwater aquariums, corals, reeftanks, and everything related to our oceans. The site focuses on tips and tricks for operating and maintaining a saltwater aquarium.

This site will feature product reviews, tips, fish and coral information.

About James

Hi, my name is James, and I am the founder of Saltwatercoraltank. I love everything about the ocean, and I enjoy learning everything I can about it. This led me into keeping saltwater aquariums, and ultimately, it led me to starting this website.

I will spend hours researching our oceans and watching shows about them. Obviously, I love Discovery Channel and National Geographic. I take some of that information and share it to this site.

My favorite corals are softies, and I am a huge fan of zoas. I also like torches, and my favorite marine fish are your standard Ocellaris Clown Fish.