My name is James, and I am the founder of Saltwatercoraltank. I love everything about the ocean, and my main hobby is saltwater aquariums. Currently, I have 3 tanks that I maintain. I have a 130 gallon mixed as my main, and I prefer softies.

low light corals

Low Light Corals

Whether you have insufficient light for your reef tank, or if you just need corals for shaded areas, there are a lot of choices including LPS and soft corals. Every reef tank has areas that are dimly lit that have low PAR. You may have a Leather mushroom coral that has gotten large and shaded…

do corals need to be acclimated

Do Corals Need To Be Acclimated

When it comes to purchasing new corals for your reef tank, it is important to understand what the best steps are to provide proper care for your new frag. Whether you purchase them from an online vendor or from your local fish store (LFS), you need to ensure that your coral survives the transition. Corals…