what eats bristle worms

What Eats Bristle Worms

If you have managed a saltwater aquarium before, there is a good chance that you have encountered bristle worms in your tank. If you have not, you likely will at some point. Bristle worms or sometimes spelled bristleworms are segmented worms called Polychaetas. Most aquarists will leave them in their tank because they are really…

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what do clownfish eat

What Do Clownfish Eat?

Clownfish are the most popular fish for saltwater aquariums. Understanding their diet is vital to keeping them healthy in your tank. Clownfish eat a varied diet consisting of mysis shrimp, copepods, algae, flakes, and pellet food. They will eat things in your tank such as algae, zooplankton, and copepods, and of course they will eat…

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